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Wild Compass Photographic Adventure Tours is photographer Shayne McGuire

About Shayne- I have a dedication to wildlife, and provide tours that will teach you not only how to photograph wildlife, but respect it. I don't want to put stress and any animal and will pull back if behavior in the animal changes. I also scout all my locations first before offering tours there, so that you know I have knowledge of what you need, and what to expect.

Shayne McGuire is an internationally recognized and published photographer.  She is also a State of California credentialed teacher in Commercial Photography, and has been teaching at the Tri-Community School of Photography in Covina since 2003.  In addition Shayne has worked the last three summers on an expedition boat in the Arctic as photographer in residence and in Antarctica in 2016/2017 with the same company.

She also now offers classes at Pomona Valley Art Assoc.

 Shayne has a dedication to wildlife and provides tours that teach students not only how to photograph wildlife, but to respect it as well.    She is infamous for not watching the clock – if conditions are good and the situation is safe, shooting will continue until that changes, regardless of the time.  She never takes people to locations that she has not previously visited . You can be assured that she knows what equipment is needed and what to expect from a location before offering a tour.  Her workshops and tours are ‘all hands on help’ and she constantly checks to be sure everyone is happy with the shots they are getting.

She has been running the tours for over 6 years and the workshops for 4 years.

For many years she exhibited and sold her photographic work at Celtic/Irish/ Scottish festivals. All her work was shot on film and hand developed by herself in the darkroom. Besides her passion for landscape and Celtic ancestry, wildlife was always #1. Her work of Ireland, Scotland and England has been published in catalogs, magazines, and on t shirts and books. Several pieces have been featured on TV shows.


Won PPLAC's Nature photographer of the year 2013

2016- 3 images in the top 100 and book in NANPA's Expressions contest

1996- Halls of Excellence at Tri Community Photography school

1996- 4 gold medals, 1 silver 1 bronze, 3 awards for Creative Excellence, and the Camera Company's landscape award of the year. From here to Infinity photographic contest.

Danny Sullivan is sometimes on hand to help on the workshops and some tours, he has merited multiple times in local photographic competitions, and is always on hand to help with equipment and settings.


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