About Us

Wild Compass Photographic Adventure Tours is photographers Shayne McGuire and Danny Sullivan.

Shayne's Bio - I teach photography at Tri Community Adult Photo Education in West Covina, CA.

I recently won PPLAC's Nature photographer of the year, 2013 in Jan of 2014. I run workshops and photographic tours in Africa, Alaska, Montana and Arizona.

For many years I exhibited and sold my photographic work at Celtic/Irish/ Scottish festivals. All my work was shot on film and hand developed by myself in the darkroom. Besides my passion for landscape and Celtic ancestry, wildlife was always #1. I now exhibit my work at San Dimas festival of the Arts in mid Oct.

My work of Ireland, Scotland and England has been published in catalogs, magazines, and on t shirts and books. Several pieces have been featured on TV shows.

My workshops are all hands on help, and on my tours, I am constantly checking to make sure everyone is happy with the shots they are getting.




┬ęShayne McGuire 2014